About Us

For the ones who haven’t met us yet, we’d like to formally introduce ourselves! Olivia (she/her) & Zully (she/her) Nosotras Somos Las Dos Mujeres, the two ladies behind the plants!
Even before starting our small business and tying the knot. We both naturally gravitated towards plants. Our shared passion for them came together easily and only flourished as we created a home together. What was just a little seed of an idea, has now become La Selva De Dos Mujeres. Which directly translates to The Jungle of Two Women.
We're to give you some insight on how it all began. Truthfully, It started from a place of struggle and necessity.
Zully has been hesitant to share her story. But Watching from the sidelines, and not being able to participate and educate people about the adversity that comes with her immigration status, being a Dreamers, and DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) is the reason she was ready to come forward with this. DACA in laments terms is a permit that allows you the opportunity to work and attend college here in the US. In 2019 Zully’s DACA had lapsed. Shortly after Zully was put on furlough, because of her status it was difficult for her to qualify for any benefits. And solely on Olivia’s salary, it was difficult to make ends meet.
We began selling our clippings and waved farewell to some of our favorite plants. As much as it saddened us to see our babies go. We quickly realized that this shared connection to nature, and being able to share with people who we knew would love and care for them overjoyed us. We never want to stop seeing your shining faces when we deliver your plants. That feeling is what we want to Embody With La Selva De Dos Mujeres.
♡ We are more than blessed to be a part of this venture with all of you. We can’t wait to see what’s the future has to offer, with your continued support. You all turned our simple idea into something so special that we get to share with you every single week. Thank YOU again for effortlessly becoming part of La Selva family. ♡