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A carefully mixed medium for all your plant needs! Anything from aroid mix, cactus mix, to our locally sourced worm castings we got it! LECA you ask? Yes we have that too! We have rinsed, boiled, and sanitized the LECA para tus plantitas! It’s ready to use, just get home and start potting! 
♻️With any soil mediums you purchases you will receive a plastic reusable container. One container of our premium hand mixed medium contains enough to repot 5, 4” pots! It’s measured at 2500 ml. If you decide to repurchase Honey’s Mix just bring back the container and you will receive a 15% discount every time you purchase, ♻️
🌎We chose a resealable plastic container so once you’re all done potting you can repurpose it, or simply give it to a friend and allow them to receive a discount when purchasing their favorite soil mix with La Selva🌎
✨The labels we use are chalk marker friendly! So we can continue customizing every time you order! ✨

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